Middle School (8/9) Program

The Grade 8/9 program @KOOL follows the Ministry of Education curriculum.   It is a full time education program that allows students to fulfill all of the requirements needed for the subsequent high school grades. The @KOOL Middle School program is free of charge to BC residents and is an accredited British Columbian public school.


  • The program has a drop-in centre located in downtown Kamloops (675 Victoria Street) where students are able to meet face-to-face with their teacher if they need assistance or a place to work on their coursework or write a test.
  • @KOOL offers a flexible program, in which students have the flexibility of working through their lessons and assignments from anywhere in the world.  This flexibility is well received by families and students who are planning on traveling for part of the school year.
  • For students who live in Kamloops and surrounding areas, @KOOL offers a blended learning program.  This program allows students the flexibility of individualized learning, as well as having the opportunity to participate in class activities with their peers.  These activities are popular with our students and include assorted physical activities, art lessons and much more.

Learning Resources and Teachers

  • All of our @KOOL teachers are B.C. Certified Teachers with a vast amount of experience in distance education and distributed learning.
  • @KOOL supplies all of the course materials and resources needed for our students to be successful.  Individualized and unique learning opportunities are the goal of @KOOL.

Contacting Us:

  • For more information, please contact us at anytime.
    • Middle School Teacher:  Gail McGee:  gmcgee@sd73.bc.ca
    • Distributed Learning Coordinator:  Laurel Seafoot:  lseafoot@sd73.bc.ca
    • Principal:  Surinder Brar sbrar@sd73.bc.ca
    • Downtown Kamloops @KOOL Middle School location: 675 Victoria Street, Kamloops BC, V2C 2B3
  • You may also wish to contact our office – 778-471-6061

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