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Grades K-7

Learn Now BC

The Learn Now BC Young Learning Centre introduces early learners to reading, math, science, and useful skills like telling time. Featuring a highly engaging approach to learning, the program is proven effective in engaging students and individualizing instruction – building skills that last a lifetime.

Online Atlases

World Atlas
Google Earth   (You will need to download this application to your computer)

Writing Research Reports

One of the hardest things about writing a research report is to take notes from your sources (books, websites, interviews, etc.) and then use those notes to write a report in your own words. The KYVL Note-taking Webpage has some excellent suggestions about how to take and use notes to write a report.

A Research Guide for Students  contains tips for writing a research paper.

The Canadian Encyclopedia is a great online encyclopedia (ages 12 and up)

Numeracy Resources

Arcademic Skill Builders offers a variety of free online educational games that offer a fun, powerful approach to learning basic math and thinking skills. has lots of great games to play to help you improve your basic math skills.

Scholastic Study Jams has lots of videos that explain different math concepts, as well as games to help you practice these math concepts.  Topics include measurement, geometry, algebra, decimals and percents, fractions, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, numbers, problem solving, probability and data analysis.


Arts Alive Want to learn more about music and the people who make it? Come see all the fun things you can explore on the Arts Alive website.

Social Studies

Historica Canada features historical games, quizzes and puzzles relating to Canadian history and citizenship.