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You can access your informal transcripts from the Ministry of Education by following this link.

If we are your home school and you require a formal transcript of your grades please fill out the Request for Transcript form and email it to

Please remember that once you have completed your courses, it may take some time for your marks to be listed on your ministry transcripts.  KOOL reports final marks to the Ministry five times per year.  KOOL will report final marks to the Ministry if we are your home school.  If we are not your home school, we will report your final marks to your school and they will send them to the Ministry.

Interim Marks

For Interim Marks needed in February for early acceptance please take note of the following deadlines:
January 15th – Deadline to submit assignments to be marked for interim reports (unless you have made other arrangements with your teacher.)

Febuary 3rd – Deadline to submit interim marks request form to KOOL (for students needing interims sent by February 8th.

**If you have questions about Interim Marks, please contact our office.

If you require interim marks, please fill out the Request for Interim Marks and email to


If you have further questions, please contact our office.