Adult Program: Non-Graduated Adults

For Adults Who Have Not Yet Graduated

@KOOL offers courses and academic advising to students who wish to complete the adult graduation program.


Who Can Enroll in this Program?

  • You can enrol if you are 18 or older and have not yet graduated with a dogwood diploma.
  • You can enrol if you have completed your GED or if you left school on a school leaving certificate.

This program is available to students over the age of 18 who HAVE NOT YET graduated with a Dogwood Diploma.

If you are an adult learner who has been removed from your courses for inactivity twice, you will not be eligible to reapply for courses with @KOOL for one year. If there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from being active in your courses, please contact our office so we are aware.



What is the Adult Graduation Diploma?
The Adult Graduation Diploma is a diploma that is awarded by the BC Ministry of Education. It proves that a student has met the BC graduation requirements.
Is there a fee?
No, Adult Graduation courses are offered for free to BC residents.
Is the Adult Graduation Diploma equivalent to a regular Grade 12 diploma?
Yes. It is accepted by post-secondary institutions (colleges and universities) and by employers.
Is it the same as a GED?
No, the GED is a different program. The GED is not necessarily as well accepted as the Adult Graduation Diploma, costs money and is generally thought to be more difficult to complete than the Adult Graduation Diploma.
Who qualifies for the Adult Graduation Diploma program?
Students must be at least 18 years old.
What courses do I have to take?

You have to take 5 courses:

1) One of the English 12 courses

  • Pick one of: English 12 or English 12 First Peoples

2) One of the Math 11 courses

  • Pick one of: Workplace Math 11 or Foundations Math 11 (hard) or Pre-Calculus Math 11 (very hard) or Accounting 11 (easy math, but a demanding course).

3) Any grade 12 course

  • This can be Social Studies 11, but only if you want to take it (SS11 is not compulsory). Otherwise, pick a grade 12 course.

4) Any grade 12 course
5) Any grade 12 course

What if I already have some of those courses done?
You can count up to two courses that have been done before you turned 18. The last three courses have to be started after your 18th birthday.
Do I have to write government exams?

No, the BC Ministry of Education does not require students who are enrolled in the Adult Graduation program to write government exams.


  • If you are over 18 but enrolled in the regular graduation program (AKA the “2018 Program”), you still have to write government exams.
What grade 12 courses should I pick?
Course selection is up to you. However, if you are going on to a post-secondary program, there will be pre-requisites to get into that program. Students should bear this in mind when selecting Adult Graduation courses.
Where can I find a list of the grade 12 courses offered at @KOOL?
@KOOL courses are listed here.
Can I get credit for other work or certifications?

Credits earned from external sources (like trades certificates or work experience) may be applicable. Check with the counsellor at @KOOL. You will need to provide @KOOL with proof, such as the certificate or transcript.

You can take other courses that are outside the requirements for the Adult Graduation program. 

  • For example, very often students need to take a Math 10 course before they will be ready to take Math 11. That is OK.
  • Another example is that students preparing for a nursing program often have to take Chemistry 11, even though Chemistry 11 is not a requirement for the Adult Graduation Program. That is also OK.
What if I already graduated from grade 12 and just need to upgrade my marks?
You are eligible to take some courses for free. Please refer to our Graduated Adult section on this website.
Can I do my courses on paper?
No, all of our courses are online. You need access to a computer and high-speed internet. If you are interested in a paper-based Adult Graduation program, SD#73 Street School offers one and can be reached at (250) 376-7072.
How long does it take to complete a course at @KOOL?
How quickly or slowly you work through your course is up to you. @KOOL courses are designed to take about 100 hours of student effort. So if you spend 1 hour per day on your course, it will take about 100 days to complete your course. If you spend 2 hours per day on your course, it will take about 50 days to complete your course, and so on.
Is there a time limit on how long I have to complete my courses?
Generally, you can take as long as you need to complete a course, with two conditions:
  1. You have to finish it within 12 months
  2. During that time, you also need to stay “active”. “Active” means sending in at least one assignment every two weeks. If you are going to be “inactive” in the course for a period of time, let the teacher know.
  3. If you have been removed from your courses for inactivity twice, you will not be eligible to reapply for courses with @KOOL for one year. If there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from being active in your courses, please contact our office so we are aware.
Are these easy, streamlined courses?
No, these are 100 hour courses that are just as hard (or harder) as the courses in a regular high school. They cover the same content as well.
Where do I work on these courses?
You can work at home or wherever you can get internet access.
How will my tests and exams be supervised?
Generally you will need to write tests and exams in person at the @KOOL office or at our storefront on Victoria Street. If this is not possible, you will have to make arrangements with your teacher as to how the test will be supervised. Usually this will require that you find a teacher or professor at your location who can directly supervise your test/exam. Check with your @KOOL teacher once you are in the course.
How do I register for the Adult Graduation program?

Go to our registration page for more information on how to register.

What do I have to do to complete the process and graduate?

Email Ms. Seafoot at

Where can I find more information about the Adult Graduation program?

For more information, go to the Adult Graduation website at:

If after reading this information and visiting the above website, you have more questions, please contact the counsellor at @KOOL.



Welcome to @KOOL and good luck with your courses!

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