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All Grade 10-12 courses run asynchronously. Students are able to register for these courses at any time and they can work with their course teacher to set goals for completion.

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English 8-9

Language Arts 10 - you must take 2 of: 

English Language 11

English Studies 12

English First Peoples 12


Math 8-9

Math 10 - Workplace

Math 10 - Foundations & Pre-Calculus

Math 11 - Workplace

Math 11 - Foundations

Math 11 - Pre-Calculus

Math 11 - Accounting

Math 12 - Foundations

Math 12 - Pre-Calculus  **Students are encouraged to complete Pre-Calculus 11 before enrolling in PC 12**

Math 12 - Calculus ***Students are encouraged to complete Pre-Calculus 12 before enrolling in this course ***



Science 8-9


Earth Sciences 11

Life Sciences 11

Science for Citizens 11

Anatomy and Physiology 12

Chemistry 11

Chemistry 12

Physics 11

Physics 12


Social Studies 8-9

Social Studies 10

BC First Peoples 12

Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12

Law Studies 12

Physical Geography 12

Social Justice 12


Career Education 7-9

Career Life Education 10

Career Life Connections 12


French 10

In Core French 10, students will engage in spontaneous interactions using memorized vocabulary and structures. Students further develop descriptive skills and progress in linking and sequencing of narrative. They work with an increasing variety of French media and the Internet to locate information and complete various tasks. As their facility with French increases, students become able to provide more detailed oral, visual, and written responses. They are exposed to a range of French creative works and they expand their knowledge of francophone customs and culture within the study of the language.


French 11

Core French 11 builds on previous junior French courses and is designed to foster proficiency and cultural understanding in the French language. Students will be provided with opportunities to strengthen their French language skills using dynamic and authentic French language resources. Students will engage in listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities to enhance their language skills and cultural awareness while being encouraged to communicate confidently in French across various contexts. 

Through a combination of language proficiency development and cultural exploration, students will emerge with increased confidence and competence in using French to communicate.


French 12

Core French 12 is an advanced course that builds upon the fundamental knowledge gained in previous French language courses, with a focus on language proficiency and cultural understanding. Throughout the course, students will enhance their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in French, emphasizing advanced grammar usage and precision in language application.  Students will also examine and explore authentic French works, many of which will be chosen by the student.

Students will gain insights into the diverse Francophone world, exploring topics related to culture, linguistics, and contemporary issues. As students progress through the course, they will develop a heightened appreciation for the French language and its global relevance. This course aims to equip students with advanced language skills, cultural awareness, and the ability to communicate effectively in French for both academic purposes and real-world applications.

Physical Education

Physical Education 10

The goal of Physical and Health Education 10 is to enable all students to enhance their quality of life through active and healthy living. 


Physical Education: Active Living 11

The goal of Active Living 11 is to provide students with necessary skills and resources to lead a healthy and active lifestyle well into adulthood.


Physical Education: Active Living 12

The goal of Active Living 12 is to provide students with necessary skills and resources to lead a healthy and active lifestyle well into adulthood.

Applied Skills / Electives

Computer Science 10

This is a computer literacy course. Computer literacy is knowing both how computers are involved with the world today and knowing how to get stuff done with current software. We will explore concepts to help you better use Internet resources.


Computer Science 11

Students learn the concepts of computer programming through experience with the Python language. Concepts covered include variables, program control, input and output, functions, and debugging. 


Food Studies 11

This course is an introduction to baking and cooking. Students participate in labs and projects that explore kitchen safety, reading a recipe, equipment use, cookies, breads, healthy eating choices, careers, sustainability, and international foods.


Psychology 11

Psychology is the study of mental processes, behavior, and the relationship between the two. Mental processes in psychology refer to learning, motivation, reasoning, and emotion, among others. In other words, the study of psychology involves learning how humans think, feel, learn, interact, perceive, and understand, whether alone or when interacting with other people or the environment.


Business Computer Applications 12

This course is designed to develop technology skills and attitudes that will be useful in the business world. Through the course work, you will gain proficiency with the following business skills:  Touch typing, ethical issues, finding and using data, office software, digital design, and business communications.


Child Development and Caregiving 12

Child Development and Caregiving 12 is an Applied Design, Skills and Technology course. To that end the focus of the course will be on applying the information you learn in addition to analyzing and thinking carefully about it.


Digital Photography 12

Students will explore terminology and equipment, ethical issues, photograph composition and lighting, famous photographers, and types of photography. Students will finish the course with a personal digital portfolio.


Entrepreneurship 12

In this course, students work through project-based learning to learn about developing and managing a business venture.


Food Studies 12

In this course, students participate in labs and projects that explore food handling and kitchen safety, baking and cooking techniques, equipment use, nutrition and healthy eating, careers, and menu planning.



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