High School Program: Grades 10-12

Courses offered through the @KOOL high school program follow the Ministry of Education curriculum. The @KOOL High School program is free of charge to BC residents and is an accredited British Columbian public school.



@KOOL offers both cross-enrollment and full time options for students in Grades 10-12.

  1. Cross-enrollment means that high school students can be enrolled in Grades 10-12 courses at more than one school at the same time.  This allows students to take courses that they need for their specific graduation goals that may not be offered at their home school or that may not fit into their timetable. When on the Registration page, select the "10-12 Cross Enrolled" top tab to register for one or two courses with @KOOL.
  2. @KOOL offers a full course selection for our Grades 10-12 students.  If you are interested in becoming a full time high school student with @KOOL, please complete the online registration forms and our office will be in contact with you.


Available Courses

To view the courses available to high school students, click here.


Learning Resources and Teachers

  • All of our @KOOL teachers are B.C. Certified Teachers with experience in distance education and distributed learning.
  • @KOOL supplies all of the course materials and resources needed for our students to be successful.  Individualized and unique learning opportunities are the goal of @KOOL. 



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