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As parents of elementary students in an online school, your role will be a little different than it would be for children attending a brick & mortar school. You’ll be working more closely with your child and your child’s teacher.

What is the Teacher’s Role?

  • Work with parents and students to deliver a program that will best meet the needs of the student
  • Maintain regular contact with the family
  • Assess and evaluate work through monitoring submitted work and by making contact with the family by phone, email, or in person.

What is the Parents’ Role?

  • Provide support! Be a companion in your child’s learning
  • Make a time commitment to the program
  • Assist your child in planning a daily routine and help them stick to it.
  • Provide a suitable work space, away from the distractions of television and video games.
  • Monitor student’s progress
  • Motivate students
  • Keep in contact with the teacher
  • Ensure that student work is submitted on a regular basis.



For the parents of secondary students, your role breaks down into the following main areas:

  • The top priority:  Get the kids out of bed at a regular time!
  • Set-up long-term goals and weekly goals. Every week, you should schedule a review for new goals to be set up. These goals should include time for “active living activities" as well as time to socialise with friends.
  • Keep the school schedule somewhere visible; we suggest on the fridge or posted by the computer.
  • Plan outings, sport, chores and study time. Write these down on the board as part of the weekly goal. Insist on keeping a daily timetable. If the teenager is getting behind in a subject, outings may need to be postponed.
  • If a course has deadlines, we encourage parents to keep track of them, and any other milestones in the course. Each online module includes an overview. Print a copy, if you can, and keep it handy!
  • Try to provide a well-lit room, a place to study away from the television and general goings-on at home. There needs to be time for computer use and a place to keep school books organised.
  • Ask your child about their progress. Be aware of what is happening with each of their courses.
  • Keep an eye on your child’s online marks pages by using the Brightspace link on the main page of this website.

If the student in your household is getting behind, please ask for assistance from your child’s teacher right away! If you are concerned about their progress, it’s never too early to call. Let us know if you need to meet. We are glad to see you.

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