Student Assessment and Exams

Students are often required to write supervised exams in @KOOL online courses. Students should contact their course teachers to set up course exams.

For students in Grade 10-12, please refer to the Provincial Assessments page for more information. To schedule provincial assessments, please contact Laurel Seafoot or the @KOOL office at 778-471—6061.



  • It is expected that our students will use ethics and integrity while writing quizzes and exams.
  • Students are expected to follow the instructions of the teacher for expected behaviour during assessments.  Teachers will have their expectations outlined in each course introduction.
  • @KOOL reserves the right to request an invigilated or supervised exam.
  • When testing irregularities occur, @KOOL has the right to give a score of zero.
  • When it is appropriate, @KOOL will give students the opportunity to complete the test again.
  • When exams are supervised or invigilated and there is a wide discrepancy between the performance on the assignments and the mark on the test, the teacher, in discussion with the principal, may change the mark.

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